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Keypress or SequenceDoes This . . .
Widows Key + ROpens the Run menu
Widows Key + EOpens File Explorer
Alt + TabSwitch between open programs
Widows Key + Up ArrowMaximize Window
Widows Key + Down ArrowMinimize Window
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpens Task Manager
Widows Key + BreakOpens System Properties
Widows Key + FOpens search for files and folders
Widows Key + DHide / Display Windows Desktop
Alt + EscSwitch between programs in the order in which they were opened
Alt + LetterSelect Menu Item by underlined letter
Ctrl + Right ArrowAdvance Cursor by one word
Ctrl + Left ArrowMove Cursor Back one word
Ctrl + Up ArrowMove Cursor Forward by one paragraph
Ctrl + Down ArrowMove Cursor Back one paragraph
F1Open HELP Menu for active application
Widows Key + MMinimize all Windows
Shift + Windows Key + MRestore Windows that were minimized by above
Windows Key + F1Opens Windows Help and Support
Widows Key + TabOpen Task View
Widows Key + BreakOpen System Properties Dialog Box
Left Alt + Left Shift + Num LockTurn Mouse keys on/off
Hold Num Lock for five secondsSwitch Toggle keys on and off
Press Shift Key Quickly Five TimesSwitch Sticky Keys on / off