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About Volcano Dust (the techs)

Volcano Dust, LLC is a Las Vegas based company specializing in Information Technology for business.  Volcano Dust’s founder and Chief Technical Officer, Bob Berliner, is an award-winning technology buff who designed and built a primitive digital numerical calculator in 1959, the year before he started high school.

Berliner first entered the fledgling microcomputer business in 1979 as an authorized retail dealer for many of the top names in personal computing including Apple, Digital Equipment Corp (‘DEC’), IBM, Compaq, Northstar, IMSAI, and Microsoft.

He was written up in many top technology publications and several mainstream news outlets. 

The Wall Street Journal placed a front page blurb under the ‘What’s News” column about Berliners’ installation of an Apple II+ personal computer inside an executive’s limo.

He was founder and original coder of LeaseStar, a vertical-market application widely used by the non-recourse auto leasing industry.  LeaseStar was acquired by ADP, the largest dealership management systems provider in the U.S. 

Upon Berliner’s 2001 move to Las Vegas, word of his skills spread quickly and his services were sought after by companies needing an IT consultant with his experience and knowledge.

About Volcano Dust (the volcanic ash)

Volcano dust is the fine volcanic ash spewed from erupting volcanos.

Following the 2010 eruptions of  Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland, fear that volcanic ash might damage aircraft engines caused the closure or large expanses of airspace.

As the volcano dust spread across Europe, health concerns for humans, livestock and agriculture resulted in serious disruptions in diverse industries.in  Machinery which required precise tolerances provided by gaps of clean air to operate properly (computer fans & hard disk drives) were now prone to failure in some affected areas.